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What AC Filter Types Are Right for Your Home?


What AC Filter Types Are Right for Your Home?

Besides mastering the different air filter types. What else do we need to know about what type of HVAC filter is right for your home?

Which type of air filter is best for your home is a personal choice based on a number of factors:

Certain types of furnace filters cost more than others. Since air filters need to be replaced regularly, your budget is a primary consideration. While you may be used to paying less for filters, pay more and get more.

AC Filter

Outdoor air quality
Since approximately 25% of outdoor air pollution enters the home, outdoor air quality can have a major impact on indoor air quality and the types of particles that need to be removed. If your city's outdoor air quality is poor, you'll want to purchase air filters with a higher surface area and higher MERV rating to capture more pollutants.

Current indoor air quality
What happens to what you do in your home can have even more impact on indoor air quality than outdoor air quality. For example, if there are pets in the home, the dander levels will be higher. If someone smokes inside, there will be additional toxins and particles in the air. Heavy cooking on the stove emits gas. Always consider what's going on in your home to find the best air filter MERV rating and extras.

Family health
The health of family members should always come first. If anyone is prone to allergies, suffers from asthma, or other known respiratory issues, start with a pleated MERV 13 filter for maximum filtration within the confines of a standard HVAC system. A HEPA air filter may be worth the added expense, although it may require new equipment.
At NAIL you'll find pleated furnace filters in a variety of sizes and MERV ratings for homes and businesses. We guarantee an air filter that works for your home!

Post time: Feb-22-2023