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This guide will help you find one of the best HVAC filters based on various criteria.


This guide will help you find one of the best HVAC filters based on various criteria.

Breathe easier and more efficiently remove pet hair, dust and even bacteria from your home with the right filter.
It’s easy to forget about the HVAC air filter. This is probably a good thing – it means the filter is doing its job and your HVAC system is better suited for it. It blocks dust and debris while also trapping pet dander, pollen and other internal irritants that would otherwise circulate in the system and potentially affect your health and quality of life. For such a small project in your HVAC system, the right air filter can do a great job. But every three months or so, it’s time to remove the filter and replace it with a new one to keep the oven and air conditioner running smoothly. This guide will help you find one of the best HVAC filters based on various criteria to make your home cleaner and more comfortable.

make home cleaner and more comfortable.
Do a quick search and you’ll quickly realize that there are more sizes of HVAC air filters than anyone could possibly check. To narrow down the options, I looked at what might work for the average homeowner – for example, I have pets so I need to get pet dander removed, and some of my family members are allergic so pollen is out of the question. In addition to pets and allergies, I took into account a few other factors:
Dimensions: Almost all filters tested here are 20 x 25 x 1 inch (also one of the most common sizes for oven filters). However, the actual size of most filters is usually a quarter of an inch smaller on each side; this means that on some newer models the filter may not fit as tightly as needed, which can cause air howl and reduced performance.
MERV rating: An air filter’s Minimum Reported Effectiveness Value (MERV) rating measures the filter’s effectiveness in preventing dust and other contaminants from entering the airflow through the filter. Higher MERV rated filters retain fine particles more effectively than lower MERV rated filters. How effective are filters at removing the substances you need to remove from the air in your home? A lot depends on where you live. While an air filter rated MERV 8 can be used almost anywhere, people living in areas with heavy smog may need an air filter rated MERV 11 or higher. Those with immunocompromised family members can choose the MERV 13 filter to remove bacteria and viruses.
Airflow: While a MERV 13 air filter can remove everything, it can also mean that the HVAC unit needs to work harder to draw air into the filter. Over time, this can cause HVAC problems such as a “short cycle” or premature shutdown. A lower MERV rating may be the right choice to keep your equipment running properly.
Annual Cost: Most filters come in packs of at least four, which should last you a year, assuming you replace them every three months. But that may not be enough, so sometimes a pack of 6 is more effective and possibly cheaper. You may also consider choosing an air purifier that is best for your home.
Choosing the right HVAC air filter starts with the question of what size you need. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find endless options for that particular size. That’s why we’ve narrowed them down to the five options below to make things easier, because getting the components right the first time feels like a breath of fresh air.
Why we love it: This efficient and quiet filter provides a high level of filtration at an affordable price.
This MERV 13 air filter from Nail Tech has a pleated design and is made from 100% synthetic electrostatic material that provides high efficiency with low air resistance for quieter air exchange. It filters out tiny particles that low MERV-rated filters can miss, such as bacteria, spores, lint, dust mites, viruses, pet dander and pollen.
While it is recommended to change this filter every three months, consider replacing it monthly during peak summer or winter periods. This product is manufactured in the China by the Kang Jing Group, which manufactures a wide range of filtration products for home and commercial use.

Post time: May-19-2023