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【11.11 Global Shopping Extravaganza Home HVAC filters are bursting】


【11.11 Global Shopping Extravaganza Home HVAC filters are bursting】

Extra discounts on international brands! Massive price drops on global products!  Don't miss your chance to fulfill your

shopping dreams! #GlobalShoppingFestival#


With the annual e-commerce sales season (known as Singles' Day) just around the corner, almost all e-commerce platforms and brick-and-mortar stores are busy ramping up promotions to get a head start on Nov 11 sales.


At 4 PM Beijing time on November 11, AliExpress overseas Double 11 will be on sale in more than 190 countries around the world at the same time, starting from midnight Pacific time zone on November 11 and lasting until November 17. Just 10 minutes from the beginning, a merchant issued the above query in the domestic small red book, and posted a screenshot of AliExpress backstage "collapsed", which caused a lot of merchants to resonate and "+1" in the comment area.


On overseas social media, many Brazilian and Japanese consumers also posted to share that double 11 was snapped up in AliExpress, but also because of different local reasons, encountered the "crowded" situation of the payment channel. But soon they said in the comments section that the order had been smoothly placed and they were happy to wait for the package to arrive.


The reason for all this is because overseas double 11 sold too fast this year.


As a professional filter manufacturer, Nai 'ao Technology Co., LTD., our warehouse is also continuously bursting orders. In the figure, workers pack the goods after quality inspection in the warehouse area, and the head of the warehouse also said that due to the impact of Black Friday and winter, household HVAC filters are in short supply, and the production department can only speed up production to ensure supply. Of course, the HVAC filter price is also very affordable. If you need, please send us an inquiry!

Home HVAC filters are bursting
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Post time: Nov-23-2023