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12x24x1 MERV 8 11 13 Pleated HVAC AC Furnace Air Filters Replacement


12x24x1 MERV 8 11 13 Pleated HVAC AC Furnace Air Filters Replacement

Material: Synthetic

Product Dimensions: 11.7″L x 23.7″W x 0.75″Th

MERV Rating: Customsize

Compatible Devices: Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, Air Cleaner, HVAC System, Furnace

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12x12x1 MERV 8  11  13 Pleated HVAC AC Furnace Filters2

Functional advantages
Our products provide excellent functions. Through the pleated electrostatic design, we can capture more particles and provide you with cleaner and healthier air quality. Compared with traditional ones, our products can more effectively filter pollutants in the air, such as dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses

Convenience advantages
We are committed to providing customers with convenient shopping experience without worrying about size mismatch. Moreover, our supply chain system is very powerful, which can ensure that your products reach your door in the shortest time

Quality assurance advantages
Our products adopt reinforced beverage board frame, which can withstand extreme temperature and pressure, ensuring the durability and durability of the filter. This means that our filters can be used in various environments to provide longer service life and more reliable performance

8 merv 11 merv 13 merv oe
12x24x1 MERV 8 12x24x1 MERV 11 12x24x1 MERV 13 12x24x1 Odor Eliminator
Recommended Use Standard Home & Business Superior Home & Business Optimal Home & Business Standard Home & Business
Comparable Ratings? MPR 600 & FPR 5 MPR 1000-1200 & FPR 7 MPR 1500-1900 & FPR 10 MPR 600 & FPR 5
Filtration Effectiveness? 90% Airborne Particles 95% Airborne Particles 98% Airborne Particles 90% Airborne Particles
Particle Size? 3 - 10 Microns 1-3  Microns 0.3-1  Microns 3- 10 Microns
Dust & Debris
Mold & Pollen
Lint & Dander
Smog &Smoke x X
Bacteria X X X
Odors X X X

Customized Options


1. Dimensions

* Custom-made in all sizes
*Customize length, width, height, flash


2. Handle

* Handle material: paper covered with film pet and so on Ask for the LOGO printing


3. Border

* Other details such as sealing sponge strips can be added


4. Color

* Different color for frame, filter media handle


5. Individual box

* Ask for box design and printing


6. Labels

* Costom label information, the label can be attached to a sealed bag or to the individual box

Part Number Customsize MERV 5 to 14
Item Weight 0.3kg
Product Dimensions Customsize
Color Customsize
Finish ‎Pleated
Material ‎Electrostatically Charged Synthetic Pleated Media
Mounting Type Embedded
Special Features ‎‎Universally Compatible, Easy to Install, Dust Collection, Removable
Usage ‎Absorbing Moisture, Reduces Pressure Drop, AC, Air Conditioner, Furnace, Dust Reduction, Furnace Life Extenders
Included Components ‎HVAC_AIR_FILTER
Warranty Description ‎Defective items and products that were shipped incorrectly are subject to a refund or replacement on a case by case basis. Please contact our customer support team for more information if you experience any issues.

Material style
HVAC Filter media is made of Electrostatic synthetic fiber with wire supported ,which is Low initial resistance and high capacity of particle capture .And the filter frame was made of rigid, reinforced , water resistant cardboard, which is very stronger and eco-friendly.And we have hundreds of Size choice for OEM and ODM ,to support meet different clients’ demands!
The MERV rating is important beyond indicating how well the filter purifies the air. It can also affect airflow, which has a negative impact on the HVAC equipment, energy efficiency and your comfort.
MERV ratings range from 1 (least efficient) to 20 (most efficient). Air filters with a MERV rating of 14 or higher capture more particulates but they also restrict the airflow more and get clogged faster.

Measure Your Air FilTer

Air filter is a common filter used to remove particles and other pollutants in the air to keep the machine or equipment running smoothly. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the air filter, it is necessary to measure its dimensions correctly.

 The method to measure the air filter is very simple. First, measure the length and width of the filter. You can use a tape measure or a ruler to measure it. Then, you need to measure the thickness of the filter, that is, the depth (D). The depth can be measured by using a caliper or a thickness measuring tool and placing it at the thickest part of the filter.

 Once the length, width and depth of the filter have been measured, these measurements can be combined and the total volume of the air filter can be calculated using the following formula: length x width x depth. For example, if the length of the air filter is 30 cm, the width is 20 cm, and the depth is 5 cm, the total volume is 30x20x5=3000 cubic centimeters.

 It is very important to measure the size of the air filter correctly, because it helps to ensure that the filter can effectively filter pollutants in the air, and also helps to determine how often the filter needs to be replaced. If you are not sure how to measure your air filter, you can refer to the above methods or consult a professional for advice and guidance.

Measure Your Air Fil Ter

Easy Installation

Easy Installation
Easy Installation1

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